JUST GO FOR IT! or make your friend go for it!


JUST GO FOR IT! or make your friend go for it!

Picture it: You are on a girls trip with your bestie, on a beach. The waiter bring your coctails and those delicious chips with guac that you have spotted on the next table. But lucky for you, that's not the only thing you have spotted: a guy that you are definitely attracted to is also sitting on that table. What do you do?

Well for the most of you the answer will probably be nothing. Or maybe locking eyes with him several times in hopes of him noticing you and being brave enough to make a move, that's also if he likes you back of course. 

Let me tell you, aint nobody got time for that!

Why am I right? Well, this scenario is definitely real. Except the chips with guac should be replaced by chicken fingers. (I do have a serious addiction with fried chicken, but that is a topic for another day) And that guy haven't even noticed me that much. Even worse, he was the only guy in his friend group of 6, leading me to assume that at least one of them should be his girlfriend. So I just told my friend about him and was probably gonna keep it that way, if she haven't gotten up to talk to him. 

For context, she is normally not the one that approaches a guy first. Not at all even, just like me. But somehow, it was easier to do so for her since she wasn't doing it for herself and wasn't attracted to him in the first place. I almost had a heart attack the minute she walked up to him but eventually, it did get me a date!

He told me that he really liked my courage -actually my friend's courage, but probably thought that I was the one to push her, so indirectly mine- and actually wasn't dating any of those girls. And since my friend told him my intention from the start by just saying that i liked him, it got rid of all that time of figuring each other's intentions. 

2 days later, I walked to a guy and told him my (same) friend wanted to meet him. And drum rolls... he was totally down for it! But even if they weren't, it wouldn't be weird or discouraging. Not because my friend was the one to approach; because even it was directly me talking to him, we wouldn't be stuck in akward situations trying to figure each other out and even worse, stuck with what if's since we both didn't do anything.

Guy or a girl, I guarantee they will definitely admire your direct or indirect courage. If you are not confident enough to do so, ask for a friend to do it for you. Dating apps all made us professionals in online dating, but we definitely lack the same daring attitude in real world. We shouldn't. Relationships are better in person. 

So next time you see that cute guy or girl across the bar, even if they haven't noticed you, make them see you. Make them see that you are interested. But also don't forget to keep them from taking the higher ground as in getting too into the mood as the admired one. They probably won't tho, since they are already in awe by you ;)

Just go for it!

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