1-Maybelline Lifter Gloss

I've just got my hands on this lip gloss, and I've loved it! It's not sticky or uncomfortable at all, and it soften my lips immediately. It claims to also plump them a little, because of the hysaluronic acid inside. Easy to apply with the big applicator and has a big shade range. I bought the shade 007 Amber, since my lips are on the darker side with brown undertones. Best drugstore one in my opinion.


2- Absolute New York Blush Balm

Cream blushes are an essential part of my summer makeup routine. I use it around my nose and cheeks to give myself a sunkissed look. So it is even better to find a cream blush in the shade you naturally blush in (mine is Desert Bloom), especially when the formula works amazingly with your skin. Obviously, any cream blush would work but this one is my favourite for several years now, pretty matte and super long lasting. 


3- La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+) in colour

My mom being a dermatologist, I've tried my fair share of acne-prone skin products with pigment, but none of them felt like this one. Definitely controls the oil and sits on your skin comfortably, doesn't feel like you've put anything at all. The only downside is the lack of shades, but it also has a colourless one if you want to try it anyways. The tint is pretty light so I can use it even if I've seen some sun. Perfect for summer night. It doesn't have an SPF tho, so DO NOT forget your sunscreen!


4-Vichy Dermablend Covermatte Face Powder.

Vichy has been my best-friend brand all throughout my teenage years when I had acne, it's foundations are super high coverage but super comfortable, definitely try it out if you suffer from chronic acne. But since I've gotten over those teenage days (thankfully!), I've started trying other products, and I definitely loved these powder foundations. I generally use a small amound all throughout my face as a setting powder and a little coverage since I'm not a person that uses foundation, but do keep in mind that it has pretty high coverage. 

DUPE: For a cheaper option, try Maybelline Fit Me Compact Powder. I always carry the translucent shade in my bag for touchups throughout the day, since it has a puff like Vichy's but also has a mirror inside as well. Lightweight and controls the oil pretty well. Definitely worth a try.


5-Maybelline Hyper Precise All Day Eyeliner

Okay hear me out. This. Is. The. Best. Drugstore. Eyeliner. Like ever. Has a great colour, doesn't smudge or move anywhere else, and super easy to apply. I've tried other brands but found myself always coming back to this one, since it is amazing. Has several colours, including several black shades and blue. 


6-Avon Lipsticks

Well, this is a general statement, but I have several different Avon lipsticks, and I'm in love with them. My favourite shades are French Toast from the Nude collection (exactly my lip colour!) and Marvelous Mocha as a lighter colour. If you like brown colours, they are the best in the market for them in my opinion. Yes, they are not long lasting, but that's a given for lipsticks. 


7-BONUS: Pastel Nude in the shade Buff

I just had to add this shade to the list even if it's not a makeup product, but this nail polish have been in my hand for several months now, and I can't stop wearing it. Such a great and subtle colour, great for fall as well.


Do you have any essentials for this summer? Let me know!


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