How I organized my new morning routine for the summer!

Well, I'm going to be the first to admit that I was not a morning person. And the thing is, you don't have to be either. Maybe you are the most productive after the evening or late at night. Then more power to ya! Do that. But for me, I slowly realized that I like to feel like big things are done in the early hours. And I'm not talking about business or classes. I'm talking about self-care. That might have confused you because a lot of people mix self-maintenance with self care. Self care is for the inside, while self-maintenance is for your physical appereance. When I get those activities done in the early morning light, it gets me much more motivated for the rest of the day. And what's a better idea than working on yourself in the quarantine times? So, let's dive in!

7.00 AM- Clock goes off

This would normally be a hour that I dread. Just two weeks ago, I was missing classes because I just kept going back to sleep in exhaustion the days I woke up at 8.30. But in the summer time, it is much more easier to wake up earlier because the sun is already up. Couple things I pay attention to:

  • No social media or texting right after I wake up
  • Having a good skincare routine that is simple but effectful
  • Being alone and having these first hours to myself
  • Opening up blinds, letting light in
  • Going out in the balcony (or just opening a window)
  • Get a big glass of water and/or a hot tea

7.20 AM- Wake up

This is the time I read magazines, look at my horoscope, maybe read some news and check all of my different sites and apps that give me productive information. (Lmk if you want a productive apps post as well!) 

7.30 AM- Meditate

I love an early hour meditation. I generally do a 10 minute guided meditation from various sources to get myself calm and ready for whatever the day has to offer. I generally do it outside or just open up calming noises like birds and water if I'm going to be inside.

7.45 AM- Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are my latest addiction. I generally listen to the ones that are self-improvement or any type of calming ones. I like to think about my goals, plans and changes I'm gonna make on myself at this time, noting important things I hear in a daily agenda. 

8.15 AM- Read

When all of these calming activities are done, this is generally when I first check my messages and social media. I still avoid some messages if I need to write something long or it's a work type of message. Then, I took the book I'm reading at the moment and lose myself in it.

8.50 AM- Yoga

When I'm done with my reading which generally takes 30-40 mins or so, I take out my mat. Than it's time for the daily yoga for around 20-25 minutes. If I'm planning on doing a heavy yoga training, I change into sportive wear as well. It actually depends on my mood and how my body is feeling that day. And one of the most important things that you should try is to not push yourself. Don't do it if you don't feel like it. It should feel natural, not like a responsibility.

9.15 AM- Breakfast

A full breakfast is next, with something filing but not containing a lot of fat. This may be first time I drink any coffee or I may also drink it after the breakfast. Drinking coffee that early in the morning actually makes more harm than good to my body. 

After breakfast, I'll probably read a little more, or go into youtube. Earliest of my classes is at 10.40am so I have some extra time before everything to maybe tidy up a little or talk to people. Than the day starts. But I'm ready for it because I've already taken care of myself before anything else :) Feel free to use any of these routine ideas or habits!

If you have any more suggestions for my next post or things you want to learn about the topics I cover, let me know! Write me from here or dm me from my insta: @lattecaramelblog . I would love to write about them! :)



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